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We have a unique set of experiences that make us the ideal development partner for many people.We started life as a product company, working with 3rd party developers in the UK & Ireland to do our work. We were fortunate in our selection of partners and had some great work done, but as a start up, working that way is very expensive and it’s not long until you find your “runway” getting very short.Software houses working on fixed price contracts can often be fine whilst the core project is happening but afterwards, when you just want a small change, what should take two days can often take two weeks because now your work must be “shoehorned in” to someone’s busy schedule. All these delays can eat into your funding too.That’s why we decided to build our own development capability with our Indian friends. So that we could increase the length of our runway, through spending much less and also have much greater flexibility for ongoing development.That’s what we can offer to you too. If you’re a start up thinking about a Minimum Viable Product, we can probably build you an actual market ready product, for the same level of costs as a UK / Irish supplier will charge you for building a thin MVP. At the same time, you still have the benefit of local people who can work closely with you on development and manage the project delivery. That’s why we believe that we offer “the best of both worlds!”From mobile apps, to websites, projects within a wider development, even contract hire of engineers, we have experience of all these things.We love helping people get what they want in life and business. Why not drop us a line?


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